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Welcome to sue’s crazy town zoo!

Meet Sue


Sue has worked in the veterinary field for over 30 years as an ICU nurse and emergency triage and critical care technician. She studied veterinary medicine and science at Becker College and worked a Large Animal Internship at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. From volunteering with theInternational Sled Dog Association to working on the MV John Paul DeJoria with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as crew and deckhand, to living on the island of Sint Maarten in the Dutch Antilles as a general practice nurse/relief technician. 

Sue has spent her life devoted to animals and their care, giving them her time, love, and a forever home. Whether it’s in a big city as a nurse or the small causes that don’t have big names, she has worked and volunteered. She has done it all! 


Meet Sue’s Zoo


Sue’s home is much more a wildlife park than a zoo. All of her pets are rescues who never found a forever home until they met their mom. For the most part, they have free range to be themselves. 

Big Dirty, Nathaniel, and Karen are the sphynx, meaning they rule the roost…at least in their minds! 

Toby is a wild-caught Moluccan Cockatoo who is all attitude to make up for his lost feathers, while Ginger the triton cockatoo is all about the party in Crazy Town. Scarlet is a female Eclectus parrot. Her fabulous red feathers don’t lie since male Eclectus have predominately green plumage.

Also occupying the safari are the 7 Ben’s. Sue adopted these parakeets as one package and since they refuse to sit still and they look so similar, well…Ben worked out to be the best name for them all! 

Last but not least, we have Marcus and Margaret. When Sue was living and working in the Dutch Antilles, Marcus stole her heart. He’d been a victim of a hit and run like a pup and had to have an amputation. Even with three legs, Sue can’t beat him in the 50-yard dash. Last but not least is Sweet Margaret. As a toddler, she chewed on a lamp cord and was electrocuted. Her owners surrendered her to the vet’s office as she would need extensive medical care. It was Sue’s turn to bring her home for the weekend and Margaret never left!

At any given time, there may even be a visitor like a baby squirrel who just needs a leg up to make it back to the wild and sometimes even to a forever home…anybody who has gotten to know Sue, especially through social media, will not soon forget No Name, the squirrel! (Pronounced No-nah-may)


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Big Dirty & Company
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